Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Loving My ECBs!!

For some reason I didn't know you could stack your ECBs! I thought you could only use one ECB per transaction!

Last night was the ultimate CVS trip! Here's my loot:

I got all this for $3.64 OOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe that!!! And I paid for that with my CVS gift card! I used some $2/10 and $4/20 CVS coupons and some manufactures coupons from the Sunday paper! It's amazing! I am so in love!
The only down side is I have no more ECBs left!! Let's hope next week is a good week!

Friday, January 11, 2008

CVS Quickie

I am going on a trip this weekend and need a drink and snack for the road. So I hopped over to CVS to see if I could get some goodies on the cheap.

I purchased some L'Oreal eye shadow (75% off) and some crest toothpaste.

Coupons Used
$1/1 crest coupon from Sunday paper
$1/1 L'Oreal eye shadow

OOPE: $ 2.57 - used my $25 CVS gift card - got 1 ECB

Then I got my goodies using said ECB and the gift card! WOO HOO!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

1/7 CVS Trip

Finally!! CVS is back with some great deals! I was so giddy this weekend clipping all my coupons!! Here's my loot from today's visit (minus on Soy Joy bar I ate on the way home!):

Here's what I used:

$3/$15 CVS Coupon

clipped from paper:

$1/1 pamolive

$2/1 L'roel makeup

$1/1 Garnier Fructis

FREE Soy Joy bar

$3/10 Soy Joy bars

$1/1 colgate tooth paste

I used $10 ECB and payed $13.57 out of pocket....but I recieved $17.00 in ECB!! So I made $3.43!!!

WOO HOO!! I am going back with more coupons!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Madness

Today's adventure was by far the best so far! I actually made money today!! Here's a picture of my loot!

Total value of above products: $33.50. Amount I paid $3.26 AND I received $4.95 in ECB!!! So technically I made $1.71.


Here's my two transactions broken down

first transaction
1 AAA Energizer 8 pack battery - $5.29
1 Maybelline mascara - $9.49
1 Maybelline lip color - FREE (BOGOF)

Coupons used:
2/10 CVS Coupon
$1 Maybelline Mascara
$1 Energizer battery coupon stuck to package
$5 Energizer CVS Coupon
$3 ECB

Total OOPE: $3.02

second transaction
1 AA Energizer 8 pack battery - $5.29
1Auqa Fresh tooth paste - $.99
5 CVS 30 count cough drop - $.99 each ($4.95)

Coupons used:
2/10 CVS Coupon
$1 Energizer battery coupon stuck to package
$5 Energizer CVS Coupon
$.99 Aqua Fresh coupon
$2 ECB used

OOPE: $.24 AND I made $4.95 in ECB ( I actually giggled when I handed over my quarter).

Oh I am in love!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Virgin Territory

Welcome to my Crazy Sexy Savings Blog! I am a recent addict to the CVS savings game! I discovered this game/shopping strategy by reading Bonnie's blog. Thank you Bonnie for indoctrinating me and sharing the wealth!

My first CVS adventure was last night (Saturday). I didn't do too well. The clerk made a mistake and forgot to ring something up. Needless to say I was in line for 25 minutes! I did get some great things for cheap!

So, tonight, I went out-- again!!

Here's what I got

first transaction
1 Tylenol To Go 10 tablet tube - $2.49
$1 off any Tylenol
used $1 ECB

OOP $ .49
Earned - $2.49 ECB

second transaction
1 shick quottro - $5.99
1 $4.00 off coupon from Sunday paper

OOP - $.2.29
Earned - $3 - ECB

third transaction
1 Energizer AAA 8 pack - $5.29
1 Maybelline mascara - $9.49
1 Maybelline lip color - FREE ( BOGOF offer)
1 $1.00 off energizer batteries (stuck to batteries)
2/10 CVS Coupon
$5 Energizer CVS Coupon
$3 - ECB

OOP - $4.02

So my total value of purchases is $30.75!!!!!! -EEEK

My OOP expense is $6.80. But if you minus my remaining ECB of $2.49 my OOP expense is only $4.31!!!


So I am just getting started! I am way excited! So I started this blog to share my weekly/daily purchases and triumphs! I can't wait to go back tomorrow! I found some more coupons and deals I missed!

Who needs Vegas?? CVS HERE I COME!!